ALMOST FAMOUS: Olga Lavrukhina



Born: St. Petersburg, Russia

Spent childhood: Drawing, playing piano, dancing and mostly looking through a huge collection of fashion magazines…every day.

Education: MFA Academy of Art San Francisco. After a year in Maui shooting weddings (loved the fairy-tale aspect of wedding photography), came to San Francisco to pursue life-long dream of becoming a fashion photographer.

Shooting: Started shooting in 2007. Fashion in 2009.

Look for: Upcoming fashion feature in San Francisco’s  NOVO magazine

POP: Inspiration?

I have so many inspirations. My first inspiration comes from both the city and from nature—the urban cold geometry of the city and the unpredictable beauty in nature inspire me in different ways. I also look at a lot of fashion photography and films. The best fashion work captures a feeling and a mood and tells a story. My two favorite directors are Almodovar and Fellini, both for their incredibly imaginative storytelling and visual style.

POP: Favorite working photographer(s)?

Of course my favorite working photographer is the duo Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott.

POP: Personal Motto?

When I was young girl and living in Russia, I saw a quote in the local newspaper by Ralph Waldo Emerson, “Always do what you are afraid to do.” I cut that piece of paper out and since then it is always with me. This motto brought me to who I am now, traveling the world and living my dream life in reality.

POP: What are you most looking forward to?

I am at the now point where I am very fast and I give myself 100% and I never say I can`t do it or make any other excuses. Yet I am still learning and open to new inspiration, knowledge and practice. I set my goals high and I’m hoping to shoot the top fashion models in the industry and am looking forward to learning from world-class photographers and top fashion designers.

I’m very curious about and excited to see where life will bring me next!

I know it is not an answer to a question, but I have to mention that I am always grateful for all the people I work with.  Without them I would not be able to achieve anything. I have met many new friends and creative professionals here in California, all very talented and wonderful people.

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