Would love to: Assist Paolo Roversi, Koto Bolofo and Ruven Afanador

Would really love to: Be published in Vogue Italia (love the dreamy, fairy tale and childlike style of their fashion stories)

Inspirations: My grandpa’s stories, movies, people I see in the streets, Carmen’s hair, Cera’s smile, my neighbor playing the guitar, San Francisco’s light, streets and parks, my beautiful green van, music, my boyfriend, the big windows of my little apartment, good photographs, smart advertising, my hometown, thrift stores, travel, thinking about my family and friends, children’s books…

Dream: To go out for dinner with Irving Penn, Spike Jonze, Banksy, Egon Schiele, Jean Paul Goude and Amelie, altogether, and have some drinks and talk about THEIR dreams

In the Future: I would love to work as a fashion photographer and be good enough to have some freedom in my assignments and some time to create my own personal projects. I also would like to compete with other big photographers in the industry and, more important, never stop growing as a photographer and as a person

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  1. 1 Rosa Chiarella

    Felicidades,lo mereces,por tu esfuerzo y teson.Un abrazo Rosa.

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