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One of the reasons I write this blog is that it offers me the rare privilege of seeing through the eyes of the photographers and stylists I interview. With each interview, my vision and a sense of discovery is renewed. Many years ago I had one of those dreams from which one wakes up and […]

I wanted to interview Adam Renfree, founder of LA and San Diego-based 1Notion, rep firm for industry-leading photographers Collin Erie, Adam Hendershott, Lou Mora and Woods Wheatcroft, to get a fresh perspective from someone who has recently launched a highly successful agency during the industry’s most challenging time. In just a few years, Renfree has […]

Archibald is showing images from his book “Echolilia” and Almas a series of female nudes. Michael Tompert, founder of Raygun Studios, a CGI and retouching studio, is showing “12LVE,” a series of images made in collaboration with photographer Paul Fairchild. I spoke with a magazine art director this weekend. He is also an artist and […]

This piece is about San Francisco painter Edmund Wyss, a favorite among local photographers for his photorealistic images of vintage cameras. Wyss shares a passion for light, precision and beautifully designed objects (in this case the aesthetics of vintage cameras) with photographers which in part explains the affinity for his work. Beyond this, they are […]