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I was introduced to The SCAR Project, shot by New York fashion photographer, David Jay, by Emily, the woman whose image appears on the book cover and poster. In the photo she is naked from the waist up and very pregnant, with a mastectomy scar where a breast once was. Despite this, she is stunning. […]

I’m very excited to publish my first producer interview on POP. I’ve wanted to interview a producer and a friend said I had to talk with Andrea Potts of Pottsticker Productions. That not only would I get a good interview with someone who is incredibly experienced, talented and smart, but also that she was warm […]

Several months ago I was at an art opening, and met and was completely charmed by a very smart, funny and nice young married couple who work as a photographic team, collaborating on everything from concept and taking turns shooting on set through final image selection. Very patient, they let me question them endlessly about […]