New Section: SNAPS


I’m introducing a new feature, SNAPS, in which I will be posting current projects by photographers and stylists that have previously been interviewed by POP. I interview people and always wonder what they are currently shooting. With this feature, I will be able to keep up with them and showcase current work. In the future, this section will be its own tab and hopefully a nice archive of projects by those featured on POP.

For the inaugural post, I am featuring one of POP’s earliest interviewees and supporters, Dwight Eschliman. Dwight shot the July 4th Time magazine cover and feature images shot for the cover feature “Does it Still Matter?” on the state of the U.S. Constitution. I had seen the image, loved it and thought it might have been shot by Dwight (and styled by Nissa Quanstrom—which it was), so was happily surprised when these were the images he sent over for the first Snaps post.

One Response to “New Section: SNAPS”

  1. 1 peggi

    Beautiful work and a winning combination!

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