The San Francisco APA held a very successful and well-attended event, Social Getworking, on Thursday, July 21st at Dogpatch Studios—summary here. The focus was, of course, on how photographers can integrate social networking into a larger marketing plan. The panel was moderated by photographer and APA board member Josh Bobb and led by Miki Johnson, Online branding coach, who opened with a presentation. A panel Q&A followed with Heather Elder of Heather Elder Represents, photographer and blogger Timothy Archibald and Miki Johnson.

Lasting for well over two hours, I still left with more questions than I came with and even mentioned to Miki that I thought it could have been a weekend seminar. This is fairly new ground and there is a lot of knowledge and experience to share and perspectives and approaches to consider.

I suggested a Part Two that would take place online and be disseminated to a wider audience than those who attended the SF event. All agreed and Miki suggested we invite an art buyer to participate. Heather contacted Jill Hundenski, Art Producer at Team One, who agreed and Social Getworking: The Missing Panelist was born. I formulated some questions, but handed the reins over to Heather who led the call and an incredibly interesting and engaged discussion in which Jill, Heather, Timothy and Miki talked candidly about how art buyers are using social media in their discovery and hiring process, the role of the blog, why photographers need to learn to write well about their work and the increasing importance of the treatment.

Thank you to the SF APA for such an inspiring event and for allowing us to continue the conversation and for publishing it on the APA blog where it will reach the widest audience.

How often are you looking for new photographers and how do you use social media in your search?

Every week, 50% of our job is to find new talent in addition to producing our work. So we’re constantly getting inundated with emails and invites and Linkedin and Facebook requests. Every single day we’re looking at new work.

It’s a combination of all of those. I actually use Linkedin a lot. There is an art buyer and photo editor forum we all contribute to. We talk with each other and give recommendations and find new work and new photographers. We ask each other who we’ve worked with. If you have a good reputation, we all talk with each other. It becomes a small world.

There’s a lot of sharing information. My way is different from Jason’s way and Lisa’s way. But we all like to share information. I’m big on Linkedin and Facebook and they are bigger on Twitter. Everyone operates a little differently but as a whole, we all use the same resources.

To read the full interview, click here.

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