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I believe in coincidences and in following a path lit more brightly by their prescience. Last week I had a conversation with a rep in which we discussed, among other things, how San Francisco tends to isolate itself from the larger art and commercial art worlds, to its detriment. In thinking about this afterwards, I […]

I was introduced to The SCAR Project, shot by New York fashion photographer, David Jay, by Emily, the woman whose image appears on the book cover and poster. In the photo she is naked from the waist up and very pregnant, with a mastectomy scar where a breast once was. Despite this, she is stunning. […]

I’ve been waiting for this ever since Rus Anson mentioned in her interview with POP that she had been chosen to shoot the cover and a ten-page fashion spread for the September issue of San Francisco’s 7 x 7 magazine. On newsstands now, you can click here for a behind-the-scenes piece written by Rus and […]

POP is very excited to feature the incredible work of and a short interview with Rus Anson, a rising star in fashion photography. Born and raised in Barcelona, Rus currently lives, studies and works in San Francisco. She is planning to move to New York at the end of this year, once she finishes her […]

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Almost Famous is a new section that features photographers you are sure to hear of (if you haven’t already). This week we meet San Francisco fashion photographer Olga Lavrukhina. First the pics, then the stats and a short interview.

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