I’m always happy to hear from readers. Please email me at alison(at)alisonmccreery(dot)com with comments and interview suggestions.

9 Responses to “Contact”

  1. Just wanted to say , I love your blog, I read it often.

  2. I wanted to share these two photographers with you that are based in San Francisco.
    This interview with Kingmond Young.

    Click to access RF0411_Young_Blanchfield.pdf

    Rodger Hostetler is an amazing product photographer as well, and
    here is an interview with him as well.

    Here are the links to their sites:

    Your blog is really great.

    • 4 alison mccreery

      Thanks for the referrals and for your kind words about POP!

  3. I wanted to let you know you have created a great niche here…congratulations. Found your blog through the Adbase interview with Heather Elder…just another example of cyber-pollination.
    A big thanks.

    Max Hirshfeld

    • 6 alison mccreery

      Thank you so much. Appreciate your comment.

  4. Great blog. Thanks, Melissa

  5. 8 Rebecca

    I love this blog! It’s always such a good read. I’m not even a photographer, but my friend who loves photography (this is her flickr: ) showed me this website. The images are beautiful, and you always ask the right questions in the interviews. I feel like I’ve learned a lot just reading your blog 🙂 Please don’t ever stop blogging!

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